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There are numerous short stories related to the celebration of the Mother's Day. Let's explore more about them.

Mother's Day Stories

Though Mother's Day celebration has gained popularity in the recent times, but the concept is an old one. If we look back into history, we can find many stories describing the commemoration akin to the present-day Mother's Day. In fact, the origin of this day is believed to date back hundred of years ago and is related to ancient Greeks and Romans. Unlike what many people believe, this day is not a mere addition to the list of celebrations popularized by the card and gift marketers. Here, we present you with some of the amazing stories connected with Mother's Day. Go through them and add more fun and enjoyment to your festivity.

Short Stories on Mother's Day

Mother's Day Story: The Time of Greeks and Romans

It is mainly the Greeks and Romans who are considered to be the initiator of the Mother's Day celebrations. The tradition started with ancient Greeks, who celebrated their annual spring festival in the honor of Rhea, the Mother of many Gods and Goddesses in Greek mythology. The ancient Romans too celebrated a spring festival by the name of Hilaria, in the honor of Cybele, a Mother Goddess, some 250 years before Christ was born.

Mother's Day Story: Struggle of Anna Jarvis
In the West Virginia, a loving daughter 'Anna Jarvis' is acknowledged as the "Founder of Mother's Day" and "Mother of Mother's Day". It was Anna's mother - Mrs. Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis who expressed a wish that someone should attempt to provide mothers their due recognition. Anna was touched by this thought and tried her best to fulfill the wish of her mother. Ann died in 1905, but Anna didn't forget her wish. She, along with several supporters, started lobbying for an official holiday on Mother's Day by writing letters to the people in power.

As a mark of Mother's Day celebration, Anna started sending her mothers favorite flowers, carnations, in her local church, requesting people to wear them in the honor of their mothers. This idea gained immense popularity over the years and in 1910, West Virginia became the first state to recognize Mother's Day as an official holiday. It was on 8th May 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Resolution, designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Story: Origin in UK
Mother's Day was celebrated as Mothering Sunday in UK, years before it arrived in the US. Dating back to the 17th century, Mothering Sunday came into existence when children of poor families were sent to work as apprentices and domestic servants under the rich. These kids were permitted to pay a visit to their 'Mother Church' or the Cathedral of their hometown once in a year during the fasting month of Lent. After completing the church service, kids met their mothers and presented flowers and special 'mothering cakes' to them. Although the tradition was held back with the advent of Industrial Revolution, American soldiers brought back the celebration after the end of World War II.