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Delight your mom on Mother's Day by making creative and thoughtful gifts at home. Learn how to make gifts for Mother's Day with this piece.

Make Gifts At Home

People across the world love their mothers, and so do we. That's why we celebrate Mother's Day every year to express our love, warmth, kindness, and affection towards them. It is marked with immense pomp and galore in most of the countries. Everyone gets engaged in buying gifts, cards, and flowers for their mothers, as they want them to see happy and cheerful. With life getting tougher and tougher, there is hardly enough to make ends meet, forget about picking up gifts. However, just as howsoever we are restrained monetarily, each of us still wish to buy the best gift for our mommies, for gifts it is that makes the occasion special. This Mother's Day, give your creativity some wings and your pocket some rest as we forward you some ideas to make gifts at home. Your mom will surely like the homemade gift and cherish it all through her life. Well, here we are giving out some simple ideas for gifts, which kids can easily make at home.

How To Make Mother's Day Gifts At Home

Mother's Day Placemats
  • Cut out pictures from old Mother's Day cards or magazines. You can also use old family photographs with your mom on it. Make sure they are pictures of things you think your mom would like.
  • Glue the pictures onto heavy construction paper leaving room in between to draw your own pictures or add in little sayings, such as special poems for mom.
  • Write your name and date at the bottom and mom will have a wonderful keepsake to remember this Mother's Day.
  • Cover the placemat with clear contact paper.
Thumb-Body Loves You
  • Take construction paper and make a card, then put your thumb prints on the front of the card.
  • Create a picture of flowers and bees by using the thumbprints. Use the thumbprint as the center of the flower and the body of the bees.
  • You can add clouds in the sky and a tree or use your imagination for a more elaborate scene.
  • Then write on the inside "thumb-body loves you".
Mother's Day Card #1
  • Make a Mother's Day card by drawing a picture of your mother on the front of the card. At the top of the card, write: "My mommy's special because..." or "I Love Mom because..."
  • Inside the card, have them write all the reasons they can think of.
  • Decorate the card using stickers, glitter, etc.
Mother's Day Card #2
  • Make mom a Mother's Day card by taking construction paper and folding it in half.
  • Draw an outline of your hand on the front of the card and color the hand, or draw pictures in and around the hand. Be creative.
  • Decorate with stickers.
  • Punch holes in the side of the card and run a red ribbon through the holes.
Mother's Day Gift Bags
  • Depending on the size of the gift, decorate either a lunch bag or a grocery bag by coloring with crayons, felt markers, or paint.
  • Add poems or funny sayings. Decorate with stickers.
  • Put in the gift and stuff with colored tissue paper and tie a ribbon or bow on the top.