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Mother is the unique person in one's life that no one can replicate and replace. Read out the article to know about Mother's day around the world.

Mother's Day Around the World

Mother is no less than God; she cares and nurtures her kids, and scarifies her own self for making them a better human being. It applies to all mothers world wide. That's why Mother's Day, a day to honour, praise, and celebrate her motherhood is celebrated all over the world. Different countries celebrate the day with full enthusiasm to pay a tribute to every mother. However, the dates may differ because of different time zones, but the aim remains the same. So, why not check out the different traditions followed in various countries to celebrate the day. Here, we have tried to enrich your knowledge about Mother's Day celebrations in different countries. Read on.

Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World

United States of America
United States of America celebrates the day for mothers on the second Sunday of May. The day is highly commercialized in USA leading to an undeniable growth of markets of flowers, cards, and gifts. Restaurants and hotels give lucrative packages on this day. The activities that Americans prefer to do on this day include, church visits, family gatherings, gifts, and cards. They also wear carnations to show their love and respect towards their loving mothers. A colourful carnation exhibits that the mother is alive on earth, while a white carnation depicts tribute to the deceased mother.

Just like the United States, Australians also celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. The day is not considered as holiday, but it is a day to pay homage to their dear mothers, grand mothers, and aunts who love and caress them. Following US's tradition, Australians also wear carnations. Red carnation is to honour the mother who is there on earth, while white carnation is to honour and remember the deceased mothers. The kids of Australia pamper their moms on this occasion by giving them extra privilege, making creative cards, arranging customized feasts, and preparing breakfasts for them. The children gift a flower known as Chrysanthemum to their mothers, which is naturally found in autumn. The tradition then ends with 'mum', an Australian slang for mother.

In France Mother's Day or Fete des Meres is celebrated with full zeal on last Sunday of May. In 1920 wartime, Vichy Government of Philippe Petain officially announced the Day to be celebrated as Mother's Day in order to acknowledge and honour mothers in the country. Since then, the day is celebrated with full feelings and emotions in France. The celebration includes mandatory family dinner accompanied with a cake imitating flower bouquet. With time, the day became highly commercialized with no patriotism attached to it and the day is heavily correlated with purchase of gifts and cards.

India is always known to be the country of emotions. Parents in general and mothers in particular are greatly admired in the country. Maa Durga, Maa Kali, and Maa Saraswati are largely prayed and worshipped among Hindus. Traditionally, India does not have any day reserved for Mother's Day, but in recent times, modern India has started celebrating it on the same day as it is celebrated by Americans. It is not a public holiday in India, but the feelings associated with the celebration are no less than other parts of the world.

Mother's Day is celebrated on 10th of May every year in Mexico. This day is celebrated in a colourful manner. All sons and daughters are required to be at home on the eve and pay sincere gratitude to their mothers by giving flowers, cards and gifts. They also visit church on this day to pray for well being and long life of their mothers. Traditionally, the churches in Mexico organize special mass on this day. The orchestra playing 'las mananitas', and traditional early morning meal 'Tamales' and 'Atole' is also a tradition.