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Read the article to explore about the famous celebrity mothers who performed excellently in various sphere of their life.

Famous Mothers

When it was not possible for God to be present everywhere, he created mother. A bunch of love and care wrapped in dedication and security provided by mother is no less than God's blessings; lucky are those who cherish and respect these blessings. Every mother is no doubt special to her kids as she showers the pure and unconditional love to her little gems without expecting any thing in return. There are mothers around the globe who did their duties perfectly as a mother along with their professional responsibilities to the best possible level. These admirable mothers are great philanthropists, tough leaders, charming actors, and sensible authors. Let's have a glance over next part of present article to know about few of these versatile mothers around the globe.

Great Mothers Around the World

Mother Teresa
The great lady of all time, Mother Teresa was born with the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. After reaching the age of 18 years, she went for Religious Order known as Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland. Then, she went to Darjeeling in India for taking spiritual training. She took vow to serve the humanity in year 1937. She served Saint Mary's High School, Calcutta for 20 years. On September 10, 1946, she found an inner urge to serve poor misfortunate people. In year 1948 she became an independent nun when Pope Pious XII relieved her from the obligations of her duties. The same year she became a citizen of India. In India she established Missionaries of Charity to serve the poor, hungry, and sick living in streets and slums. She also had a soft corner for lepers. Sooner, she started establishing centres in other countries to spread her warmth and care to the poor. For this, she took permission from Pope Paul VI in 1965. At that time, Pope Paul VI kept Missionaries of Charity under his protection. Her great work was later appreciated all over the world. The great philanthropist assisted people living with AIDS, blind, sick, elderly, and abandoned children all over the world to put smile on their face. She received Nobel Peace Prize in year 1979 in the name of "poorest of poor". In year 1997 she became a part of almighty from where she came to serve mankind. She is no more now, but her lessons and teachings are and will always be remembered and obeyed.

Mary Harris Jones
Mary Harris, formally known as Mother Jones is famous mother for her contribution towards welfare of labour and industrial workers of the world. Her contribution is especially considered great among mine workers and coal workers. She was a teacher and a usual dressmaker when her husband and four children died out of yellow fever; and her workshop was destroyed in fire in 1871. After these incidences she became the organizer for the Knights of Labour and United Mine workers' union. With her effective leadership and communication skills, humour, and dramatic stunts, she organized mine workers and their families against mine owners. For this achievement she was called as "the most dangerous woman in America". During Pittston Coal Strike in 1989-90, the wives and daughters of miners came out and represented the group of strikers as "Daughters of Mother Jones" to the press.

Angelina Jolie
The bigger is your heart, the more you are respected, and the higher is your success. This goes true with Angelina Jolie. The lady with talent, kind heart, and motherhood is one of the highest paid celebrities of Hollywood. She is not only a passionate actress but also a pure hearted mother. She considers her children as the priceless gifts ever happened to her. She began her motherly life by adopting two children, Cambodian orphan Maddox and Ethiopian Zahara, who suffered loss of her parents due to AIDS. In July 2006, she travelled to Namibia with Brad Pitt where she gave birth to a daughter, who they named Nouvel Jolie Pitt. In order to complete their family, the couple has adopted a Vietnamese kid Pax Thien. Along with her professional life, she devotes her time in providing care and endless love to the kids.

Madonna is a fabulous singer, author, and actor. She is gifted with a caring mother within herself. She is the youth icon for youngsters; at the same time she is admired for her care and love towards her children. While making strict rules for them, she has taken extra care that she won't get biased among children. She is striving and hopefully will prove to be the best mother for her own kids Lourdes and Rocco and her adopted child David Banda. She adopted 13-months old David in October 2006, when she visited African country of Malawi.

Indira Gandhi
The first Prime Minister of India, commonly known as 'The Iron Lady of India' because of her strict and tough rules, proved to be an excellent mother in her personal life. Her father of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had dictatorship and leadership skills and a very influential style, and she inherited all these qualities from him. Being a mother of two sons, Sanjay Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, she never allowed her political duties to come in the way of her parental duties, and vice versa. Even the unimaginable tragic death of her younger son Sanjay Gandhi couldn't make her lenient in her duties towards country. She managed everything very well until she was assassinated by her own bodyguards in year 1984.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II, the mother of a royal family is often remembered for her maternal figure rather than her royal status. Not only her own children, but all countrymen considered her as a mother. She proved to be the backbone of her family during the century long upheaval. After the death of her father, George VI, she was proclaimed as queen on 6 February, 1952, and was crowned as queen on June 2, 1953. She was blessed with Prince Philip as husband who came from a royal family of Greece. The couple had four children Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen, first Miss Universe from India was born on 19 November, 1975 in Bengali Kayastha Hindu family. She has worked in more than 30 films and has won many awards in her name including Rajiv Gandhi Award, IIFA Award and Film Fare award. The kind hearted lady is not only known for her brilliant acting, but also for her personal deeds. She is the single mother of two daughters whom she adopted some years before. The elder daughter is Renee whom she adopted in year 2000 and on January 13, 2010 she adopted 3 months old girl, whom she named Alisah. We wish a happy life ahead to all three of them.