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God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers. Following article strives to throw light on the gentleness of mother and her relation with her direct successor, her daughter. Have a look.

Mother Daughter Relationship

One of the most cherished lives on the earth is the life of a mother. Wrapped in feelings, affection, and care, a mother does all the chores necessary to keep her children delighted. Mother, who has experienced many colours of life, knows her children very well. Even a glimpse of her children tells her what's wrong with them or what is going on in their mind. She acts as the backbone of the family always standing against the wind and giving protection to her family. The real lady within a married girl is characterised when she takes steps towards motherhood. She maintains a great bonding of love and affection with all of her children. She guides the son to lead his life in the world full of uncertainties. When she conceives a daughter, her life becomes complete. That she has someone with whom she can share all her miseries and to whom she can transcend all the values and etiquettes her mother has passed to her, maintaining the legacy. Next section will give you an insight into the great bonding shared by daughter and mother. Have a look.

The Great Bond of Mother and Daughter

Victoria Secunda ponders about the great bonding of mother and daughter as, "A daughter is a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of her self. And mothers are their daughters' role model, their biological and emotional road map, the arbiter of all their relationships." Victoria might not be aware of how universally thoughtful insight she has made in above statement about the golden relation. Though the two of them witness several erratic ups and downs throughout their lives, but the invisible thread of warmth keep them together.

A daughter imitates her mother at an early age putting her mom's jewellery and cosmetics. She, consciously or subconsciously, takes a keen observation of how her mother dresses up, how she communicates in society, and how she handles various situations. Eventually, her mother becomes her role model. At this stage a daughter likes to involve her mother in everything she does. It may range from study material to friends to outings and to choose a dress for her. She accepts what her mother chooses for her without giving it a second thought. When appreciated, she feels proud for having a mother making the perfect selection for her.

Sooner the daughter grows up and enters into college days where she perceives herself as matured and stable. She wants to open up to the external world and fly higher and higher in the atmosphere gaining maximum exposure. The biological and hormonal changes also act as a catalyst provoking attitudinal changes. Forgetting about all the childhood days, she wants to be heard and understood within the family as well as outside. She wants to take a stand for her opinion wanting appreciation for 'her' choices. There comes a critical situation leading to a hiatus in the harmonious relation of mother and daughter. In most cases mother becomes overprotective in order to avoid any mishappening because of immature growing daughter. This overprotection results in a distance between daughter and her role model mother. The two converse as minimal as possible. Mother silently plays a vital role at this stage providing imperceptible backing to her daughter. She protects her daughter keeping an eye around her and making sure that she is not involved in any undesirable tasks. With the intelligence and patience of mother this phase is also passes.

Most of the fortunate daughters commemorate a U-turn in their relation with their mother when they complete their college. It usually happens when girls realise that the indispensable comfort lies in the vicinity of their mother. The daughter actually becomes 'matured' by this age. Mother welcomes her back into her affectionate zone and with time the bond becomes stronger than ever before. Especially the time of her marriage when mother acts as a friend of hers preparing and guiding her for the next phase of her life. By this time the girl realises that her mother is also a woman who has suffered a lot through out her life in order to bring up the family. She feels obliged to pay homage to her mom in whatever way possible and decides to follow her footsteps.

The golden relation never looses its charm, however, sometimes the polished surface is not visible to people. Cherish your mom and your daughter because these are the two who will never leave you alone in any situation. They are always by your side holding you up even if they are not physically present with you.