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On this Mothers Day, express your heartfelt love and gratitude for your mother, with some beautiful poems/poetry.

Mother's Day Poems

Poets, known for their ability to play with the words, have succeeded in creating magic by glorifying each relationship and bringing out deepest emotions in the best possible way. Poets and poems, having been in existence as long as one can trace back, it was only a matter of waiting when Mother's Day too caught their fancy and it didn't take them long to come up with interwoven wordplay to form a rich poetic reservoir in tribute to mothers across the world. And the world isn't oblivious to the value a mother holds in the life of her child. It is the mother who serves as the main source of primitive inspiration and also shapes the life of her child. It was this very fact that inspired poets to compose poetry for the sacrificial and loving efforts of the mothers. If you want, you can pen down a few lines in your own words to appreciate your mother's efforts or in case you need some help regarding the same, go through this section and find numerous poems dedicated to mother and the special day called 'Mother's Day'.

Mother's Day Card Poems
Summarizing the special bond that we share with our mother is like pouring out a droplet from the ocean of feelings that we have for her. However, this droplet alone is enough to convey to her that her child loves her dearly, for she understands the ocean that runs inside. A card, among all the ways of expressing your love for your mother, is the probably the most popular medium.

First Mother's Day Poems
From the moment a woman knows of the baby growing inside her womb to the moment she holds her newborn in her arms for the first time; it's a journey that every woman wishes to experience. It's the moment, after which a woman is regarded as complete. There are a number of poems that have been written, putting the feelings of the first time mothers into words that they can explore.

Mothers Day Funny Poems
Humor is one of the key ingredients of life that make it worth living. A life without the element of humor in it will be a monotonous one. Even your mother, who has done all the hard work of making a good young boy/girl or a man/woman out of the brat you used to be, she deserves a bit of laughter amidst all the tiring efforts she put in. For the purpose of bringing a smile to her face, there are a lot of humorous poems available.

Mother's Day Inspirational Poems
It is the mother who instills in her child the art of living a good life through godlike maternal nurturing and best friend like support. Although she's been there through thick and thin, at times, it happens that even the ever-inspiring mom tends to feel a bit low in life. As her lovable child, you can put the smile back on her face by reading/sharing inspirational poetry for mothers.

Meaningful Poems
Words, if spoken with heartfelt conviction can convey to the listener about the intensity of emotions in the speaker's heart. This mother's day, it's your turn to let her know of the thankfulness and blessedness that you experience in her presence by reciting some meaningful poems. Honor your mom on her special day.

Grandma Poems
She showers us with unconditional love and accepts us the way we are, without trying to bring about any changes. She remembers all our accomplishments and forgets all our mistakes. On this mother's day, express your love and appreciation for one of your sweetest companions that you'll ever have, your grandmother.

Poems for Kids
Try and separate a kid from her mother just for fun, the screaming and tears on the kid's face will let you know that their whole world revolves around his/her mother. She is the person closest to them and that is why kids realize the importance of mothers much more than adults do. The cute little poems for kids is the sweetest way to express the price position mothers hold in kids' lives.

Mother Daughter Poem
Nobody understands a daughter more than her mother itself. Such is the uniqueness and chemistry between the two that the bonding they share is very strong and different from any other relationship in the world. There is always a unique chemistry between a mother and daughter. There are quite a few poems through which daughters can express their love for the mothers.

Mother Son Poem
Just as a daughter is more attached to her father, a son is more attached to his mother. In the life of a man, it's the mother that is the most influential person and mostly serves as a role model. Mother is the most influential person in the life of a man, who mostly serves as a role model for him. This mother's day, from across can express the love they have for their mothers through heart stringing poetry.

Short Poems for Mother
There is no doubt that mother is the most special person in the life of a person. She is the one who brings you into this world and helps you grow into a responsible adult. Her love, care and concerns need to be appreciated, on special occasions as well as otherwise. Express your love for her through short but heartfelt poems.

Thank You Mother Poems
How does one pay back to the efforts of a mother? No one can't! It's unquestionable that she would demand anything from you; it's not in a mother's nature. However you can still do your part by conveying to her about how much you appreciate the love and efforts she put in. How? By reciting/sharing thank you poems to your mother this mother's day. It'll brighten up her day like anything else.