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Quotes serve as one of the best way to wish your mum 'Happy Mother's Day'. Check out some famous quotations for Mother Day.

Mother's Day Quotes

A mother is the most special woman in anyone's life. The relationship between a mother and her children is the best one in the entire universe. She is the one responsible for your existence. The credit of making you a part of this beautiful world goes only to her. A mother always acts as a protective shield for her kids and is ready to bear all the hardships in the world, on behalf of her kids. Your mother is your first teacher and she is the one from whom you learn the art of living. Ages have passed, but nothing has ever been able to change the love that a mother has for her kids and vice versa. The unconditional love and warmth that a mother gives to her children is surely worthy of appreciation from them.

For this reason, Mother's Day is celebrated across the world every year, to provide children with a day to honor and thank their mothers. More that the thought of a day being dedicated to her, it is the effort and love of the children that makes Mother's Day special one for a mom. Though expression of feelings is very necessary, there are many kids in this world who shy away from articulating their thoughts and feelings. In case you are one of those, make use of famous Mother's Day quotes for this purpose. Such quotations not only help you wish your mom "Happy Mother's Day", but also enable you to express your love and appreciation.

Funny Mother's Day Quotes
Mother's Day is the time to celebrate the bond that you share with momma and make her feel loved and appreciated. Its celebrations involve many activities, such as giving gifts, throwing parties, going for picnics, and merry making with family and friends. It is the ideal time to rejoice with your mom and let her know how much you care for her.

Mother's Day Inspirational Quotes
It is said that - God could not be present everywhere in the world, that's why he created mother. Mother's Day is an important occasion in the life of a person, when he shows his gratitude towards his mother. It is the time to shower all your love on your mother and appreciate her for what she is and all that she does for you.

Mother's Day Quotes From Daughter
Every relationship has its own charm and that shared by a mother and her daughter is one of them. It is one of those sweet bonding that start in the early age. No relationship is as strong as the one between a mother and her daughter. In the life of a daughter, her mother is a multi-facet personality.

Mother's Day Quotes From Son
It is commonly said that daughter are their father's favorite, while sons are their mother's favorite. Sons are usually closer to their mom, as compared to their dad. Boys and their mothers share a unique bond, which is unlike any other bond in the world. Mostly, it is the mother who is the primary source of influence in a boy's life.

Mother's Day Short Quotes
There are number of ways of expressing you love, care and concern for your mom. One amongst them comprises of short quotes. A short quote, if truly heartfelt and rightly conveyed, will be sufficient to thank your mom for bringing you in this world. It will help you to convey your feelings in a brief, yet touching way.