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Miriam a girl from Nazareth was believed to be the Mother of Jesus. Read on to know the story of her life.

Mother Mary

"We never give honour to Jesus than when we honour his Mother, and we honour her simply and solely to honour him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek-Jesus, her son."
Jesus, the son of mother Mary dedicated these lines to honour his mother. Mother Mary conceived Jesus miraculously by the act of the Holy Spirit. In the New Testament of Bible, she has been portrayed as virgin. At that time she was the wife of Saint Joseph and was waiting for the right of Jewish marriage ceremony. An angel of Lord appeared in Joseph's dreams and he commanded him to behold Mary as she will give birth to a son without the loss of her virginity. He did what the angel said and when Mary had borne a child, he named him as Jesus. The Holy Spirit blessed Mary with the son of God and she was then called as Blessed Mother Mary. The religion honoured her with some other titles too; such as, Saint Mary; Virgin Mary; Mary, Mother of God; and Star of the Sea. The God blessed her and she blessed us with our Lord. Pope John Paul II has phrased, "Through Mary, we come to her Son easily." So, let us explore mother Mary's background and get close to her.

History of Mother Mary
Mother Mary was a Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee. Her genuine name was Miriam; this name was common among Jewish women at that time. Miriam was born to Saint Joachim and Saint Ann in Jerusalem. At the age of 12, her parents decided to tie her with the marriage knot as it was a custom at that time. She got engaged to Joseph and the wedding day was decided after a year of engagement. At the time of betrothal, Gospel, the angel of God announced that Mary will give birth to the God's child without the loss of her virginity. The angel commanded Joseph to complete the marriage rites and take her as his wife; there is no need to fear. Joseph did what the angel commanded; they got married and went to Bethlehem, where she gave birth to Jesus Christ.

Various scriptures and writings present holy thoughts about Mary. According to Bible, Mary plays major role in the events of Jesus' life. Other fictional writings state Mary's subsequent death and bodily assumption into heaven. Christianity holds various doctrines regarding Mary. Being the mother of Jesus, she became Theotokos, which literally means "God-bearer", or "Mother of God". It is the most primary doctrine. She was confirmed the "Mother of God" in the Fifth Ecumenical Council.

Mother of Jesus
Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. Because there was shortage of space in the inn, she used a manger as cradle. After eight days of birth, the boy was circumcised and named Jesus. He was taken to the Temple in Jerusalem after the customary ceremonies. Magi, the three wise men or the three kings visited and blessed Jesus. Unaware of the location, they followed a star and reached the place where Jesus was born. Jesus was baptized when he was 30 by John the Baptist, a messenger of prophets. Mother Mary always kept him under the preaching of lord, for he was a holy soul, who has arrived on earth to help the mankind.

Quotes for Mother Mary
  • "Such is the will of God that we should have everything through Mary." ~Saint Alphonsus Liguori
  • "Whoever does not wish to have Mary Immaculate as his Mother will not have Christ as his Brother." ~ Saint Maximillian Kolbe
  • "Mary is the lily in God's garden." ~ Saint Bridget of Sweden
  • "No man is delivered or preserved from the world-wide snares of Satan save through Mary; and God grants His graces to no one except through her alone." ~ Saint Germanus
  • "From Mary we learn to surrender to God's Will in all things. From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone. From Mary we learn to love Christ her Son and the Son of God!" ~Pope John Paul II