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First Mothers Day is a special occasion in one's life. Explore activities to make your first Mother's Day celebrations memorable.

First Mother's Day

So, it's your first Mother's Day this year. To begin with, allow us to extend our hearty congratulations to you for bringing such a beautiful and wonderful life into this world. You have just added yourself to the list of all the mothers in the world. So, this year, there would be another mother being honored and respected. Although your baby is too small to thank you for giving birth to it, but surely you can indulge yourself in some exciting activities that will let you feel the essence and spirits of this blissful occasion. Until your baby's birth, you had enjoyed a happy married life; it's now time to step into another leap - motherhood. What your mother had been experiencing and enjoying all this time, it is your turn to feel the same and cherish memories of being a mother. Holding your baby tight, playing with it like a child, laughing hysterically, and reveling in the beauty of the miracle, what you've just had or experienced are some priceless moments to carry with you in the future. Dig into the lines below to see what activities you can engage yourself to enjoy your first Mother's Day to the fullest.

First Mother's Day Celebration Activities
  • To start off with, take a break from office, in case you are employed, and other outdoor activities. Dedicate the day entirely for your baby and yourself. It is your first Mother's Day and you deserve to celebrate it.
  • Take out some time while your baby is asleep and pay a visit to the gym or spa to pamper yourself. Give yourself a chance to get the same sexy appearance as you had before your pregnancy.
  • Alternatively, you can gift yourself a spa treatment at home also, if you are more concerned about your baby staying back alone. Buy a gift basket containing goodies to relax yourself, such as scented bath cream, bath salts, bath tea, bath fizzies, body lotion, and pillar candles. Set up the mood and environment of a spa in your bathroom and step into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Jewelry is loved by every woman, and you are no exception. With your first Mother's Day, you have a good excuse to gift yourself a charming and beautiful piece of new jewelry. To add to your celebration, you can purchase jewelry for your baby as well so that you can relate your joy with your little one. A large assortment of jewelry ideas can be seen in stores for babies, like baby charms in sterling or gold with the baby's birthstone in the center. These charms can be attached to a charm style pin or slipped in a chain.
  • You can indulge in spree shopping looking for the latest trends of clothes for new moms and babies. Reveal your newly built body to the world with exclusive and latest apparels. Pick up clothes for your baby in contrasting colors. Let the world know about the wonderful bond you share with your little joy.
  • If you do not want your husband to stay away from the merriment of Mother's Day, you can plan a family dinner, inviting your family and his as well. Let everyone help in spreading the joy of motherhood and commemorate your first Mother's Day with a bang.
  • For a romantic celebration, you can wait till the evening when your baby dozes off and move out for a romantic movie in a nearby theater. Call the day off with a private and quiet candlelight dinner.