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Making homemade cards is the easiest way of showing your affection to your mom. Know how to make Mother's Day cards.

Homemade Mother's Day Cards

Homemade cards always surpass the charm of a card that is brought from the market. The receiver derives immense pleasure on getting such a thoughtful gift. The effort and thoughts that a person puts in, while making the card, certainly adds to its appeal. There can be no substitute to the delight felt on receiving a handmade card. This Mother's Day, instead of picking up a card from the market, amuse your mom with a homemade card. She will really be taken by surprise, at your creativity skills and thoughtfulness. She will also feel happy of the fact that you spared time and undertook efforts to make something for her. Go through the following lines and learn a quick easy and method of making a Mother's Day card.

How To Make Mother's Day Cards

Card 1

Things Required
  • Craft Glue
  • Plain Papers
  • Plain Envelopes
  • Thin Satin Ribbon (preferably red)
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Glitters
  • Cut-outs of Pictures from Magazines or Printouts
  • First of all, take a plain paper and fold it, at the crease in the middle.
  • With craft glue, stick the picture that you have cut from a magazine, on the front of the card. You can also use a printout of some good pictures on the internet.
  • If you have an artistic flair and want to be original, make a beautiful sketch or drawing on the card, using wax crayons or sketch pens.
  • Write a beautiful Mothers Day quote just below the photograph/cut-out./ drawing, using a sketch pen. You can also write "Happy Mothers Day".
  • In order to make your card look more attractive, adorn it with glitters, pasted with the help of craft glue.
  • After the glue dries, open the card and write a touching message in it. Don’t forget to quote "Happy Mother's Day".
  • When everything is done, put the card in an envelope and tie it with a ribbon.
Card 2

Materials Required
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Letter Cookie Cutters, or Font Prints
  • Heavy grade Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor Paint or Acrylic Paint
  • Water
  • Find different shapes and large sizes of the letters in the word "MOM" from letter shaped cookie cutter, font printed from your computer, or stencils. Make sure that the letters are large enough to be decorated.
  • After you have found the Ms and Os, lay them on a regular sheet of drawing paper and trace them. Cut them out carefully on the tracing lines.
  • Place the "MOM" letter patterns on a heavy water color paper such that the edges are touching to one another.
  • Trace them lightly with a pencil and cut them out.
  • Squeeze out water colors or acrylic paints in different vibrant and attractive colors on a paper plate.
  • Use some water to dilute the paints and brush along the edges of the "MOM" Mother's Day card. Beginning from the edges, start working towards the middle of the letters.
  • Add more water to the colors so that the paint becomes more sheer and transparent towards the center of the letter.
  • Allow the first coat of paint to dry.
  • Follow up with details like polka dots and stripes.
  • Let the "MOM" Mother's Day card to dry out completely.
  • For a three dimensional effect, you can use puff paint and keep the card aside for 24 hours to dry thoroughly, else the pain will smear once you place the card in the envelope.