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This Mother's Day, give your mom a funny card and watch her bursting into laughter. Know more on humorous cards for Mother Day.

Funny Mother's Day Cards

A mother is an epitome of sacrifice, who gives everything to see her children happy. She can give up all the pleasures of life for the sake of her kids. As kids grow up, they should acknowledge the sacrifice of their mother and give her the much-deserved respect and admiration. Mother is a wonderful person, who stands with you through every thick and thin of your life. She renders you a lifelong service, without expecting anything in return. Mother's day is the perfect occasion to make your mother smile. This delightful occasion gives you a great chance to shower your sincere and deep thoughts and feelings for her, giving her some memorable moments to cherish for lifelong.

This Mother's Day, move out of the usual track, of gifting a simple card to your mom. With the advent of technology, internet has tremendously gained popularity and spreading drastically. With the internet facility at your doorsteps, you can try being unique in your approach and make your mom burst out with laughter. How do you do that? Simple, by giving her a funny Mother's Day card! The internet is flooded with numerous funny and hilarious e-cards for Mother's Day to choose from. Alternatively, you can stroll through different card stores to pick up one that reveals the right kind of hilarity to amuse your mother and make her day. These cards contain very subtle and cute humor that can instantly make your mom laugh.

The smile on her face, after reading the card, will be worth a million dollar. However, you should keep in mind the comfort level you share with your mother, before selecting a humorous card for her. It will determine the extent to which you can go, in humor. Even if you share a very friendly relation with you mom, make sure that the Mother's Day card is funny, not vulgar. At the same time, the humor should not be crude. Get a card that has just the right amount of humor, enough to bring a smile on her face. It is essential to have some lighter moments in life, in order to recuperate and discard the humdrum of life, and giving funny Mother's Day cards is the exact way of getting them. So, go ahead and gift your mom a humorous card on this Mother's Day and join her in the laughter journey.

Funny Cards For Mother's Day
  • Find out a clip art image of a sexy woman that looks like the recipient of the card. Type "To my hot mama" on the front or inside of the card. Include a "Happy Mother's Day" message inside the card.
  • Search for a photo or clip art of a cow with a prominent udder. Type "You are udderly fantastic. Happy Mother's Day" on the inside of the card.
  • Pick up a cute clip art image or photo of a kitten or cat and place it on the front of the Mother's Day card. Using your photo processing program text tool, type "You’re the best, most wonderful, most perfect mom in the entire world" on the front of the card. On the inside, you can type "Can I have my treat now? Happy Mother's Day!"
  • For a more cute and impressive card, you can choose a dog's photo or clip art image and place it on the front of the card. Type the word "Bark" several times around the dog. On the inside of the card, type "Translation: I love you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day".