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Celebrate this Mother's Day with carnation - traditional flower for Mother Day. Know more about traditional Mother's Day flowers.

Traditional Mother's Day Flowers

Though the idea of celebrating Mother's Day has gained momentum in the recent times only, motherhood has been celebrated by people since ages. The main objective behind appointing a day especially for mothers is to provide a day to the kids, on which they can honor their mothers. There are many ways of declaring your heartfelt feelings to your mom. One of them is to gift flowers to the most special lady in your life. In fact, giving a bouquet of flowers is considered as the most elegant way of showing your admiration towards your mom. Traditionally, Mother's Day has been associated with carnations. In fact, the association between Mother's Day and carnations goes a long way. As per a Christian legend, carnation was the plant which sprung up when Jesus Christ's mother - Mother Mary shed tears of distress, seeing her son enduring sufferings.

The tradition of giving a flower first originated in the US, where, in 1906, Anna Jarvis started wearing her mother's favorite flower, a white carnation. Since then, carnation is regarded as the traditional flower for Mother's Day. On the occasion of Mother's Day, you can opt for pink carnations or red carnations, both of which are given to mothers as an expression of love. On the other hand, white carnations are worn in respect for those mothers who are no longer in this world. These, bright and cheerful, flowers will definitely be a boost to the spirit of motherhood. Be a part of the tradition and gift your mother with a lovely bouquet of red or pink carnation flowers. Let your mom know how much you love her!

Though carnations are regarded as the traditional flower of Mother's Day, any arrangement of bright and cheerful flowers will delight your mother extremely. Mother's Day appears in spring time in most countries; hence, there are number of beautiful blooms to choose from for gifting your mother on this delightful occasion. Besides carnations, pink roses also make a good alternative as a Mother's Day gift. Gifting wild pink roses was prevalent in Britain. Though the tradition no longer exists, the elegant yet delicate wild pink roses are still associated with this blissful occasion. They make another traditional flower option to choose from. They make an extremely fascinating gift when presented in a vase or basket. However, a bouquet of pink roses is considered as the most beautiful and impressive gift for mothers.

Over the least few years when traditions and cultures were lost somewhere in the race, people are now stitching back to customs. As such, following Mother's Day tradition and presenting a beautiful collection of carnations or pink roses would be highly appreciated and valued by your mother. Let her add some femininity and grace to her home with any of the marvelous and gorgeous flowers. You can either present your flowers in a basket or vase which will be surely appreciated by your mom. This will distinguish your gift as a well thought and planned present, rather than just picking up some flowers and fixing them together.