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A bouquet of favorite flower always fills the heart with immense joy and happiness so gift your mom with her favorite flower

Favorite Mother's Day Flowers

Mother is the ultimate figure of sacrifice. Once a child comes in a woman's life, she assumes the sacrificing role of a mother and ignores all her desires, with the aim of fulfilling her kid's wishes. Her children and their wishes become the first priority of her life. She dedicates her entire life in rearing up her children. In the process, she tends to forget her priorities. Her greatness lies in the fact that even after so much sacrifice, she never expects anything in return. Our life always remains indebted to our mother and we cannot even think of repaying her fully.

The love and sacrifice of a mother calls for you to honor her and make her realize her worth in your life. Mother's Day is the time to declare all your love and gratitude to your mom. On this day, a bouquet of beautiful flowers will be a tribute to her motherhood. On top of that, if they are her favorite ones, you can be sure that she will feel like being the happiest person on this earth. She will really be delighted with the fact that you not only remembered her on this special day, but are also aware of what she likes. Given below is a list of best Mother's Day flowers, from which you can choose the ones that are your mom's favorite.

Best Flowers for Mother's Day


Scientifically known as dianthus, carnations represent "flower of the Gods". Further, they have been recognized as the official Mother's Day flower by many nations. As such, there can be no better present than carnations to gift your mom on this wonderful occasion. They are a sign of admiration, love, and respect. For this reason, they top the list of best Mother's Day flowers.

Roses are the classic flowers for gifting to anyone, even mothers. It is a known fact that roses are a symbol of love, though most people assume them to be meant only for romantic occasions. However, roses can be presented to anyone and everyone whom you admire, love, respect, and honor. These can include your mom as well. Red roses make a classic choice in the form of a bouquet, though pink roses reveal gratitude and appreciation.

Gerbera Daisy
Daisies traditionally symbolize purity and innocence. But the gerbera variety makes a perfect Mother's Day flower due to its joyful significance. Gerbera daisies are meant to bring jollity and cheerfulness. As such, when clubbed in assorted colors in a bouquet, they make an ideal gift for your mom.

Due to their long-lasting quality, orchids are an all-time favorite flower for presenting on all occasions. They are a symbol of beauty, wealth, and luxury. Hence, orchids make an ideal for kids who wish to express their love and care for their mother. So, if different and uniqueness is what you are looking for on Mother's Day, orchids are the perfect choice.

Tulips express the message of love and hence, make a perfect gift for mothers on Mother's Day due to their bright and cheery colors. While pink tulips convey care, red tulips reveal your true love. Yellow tulips, on the other hand, symbolize cheerful thoughts which can match your mom's appearance perfectly.